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Company Profile

Zhejiang NEW KELI Pipeline Valve Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang YUAN Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang NEW KELI  Pipeline Valve Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang YUAN Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. are located in Diankou Town, Zhuji City, the capital of China's hardware industry. It is 250 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai and 190 kilometers away from Ningbo Container Terminal. The international airport is 50 kilometers away from the Zhuji Station of the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, which is 25 kilometers away. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient.

The company specializes in plumbing valve HVAC series, two-color porcelain core PP-R pipe series, various home improvement engineering PP-R pipe fittings series, PP-R pipe fittings, aluminum-plastic PP-R high-grade special pipe, FR-salon365登录 glass fiber reinforced Composite pipe, PP-R aluminum plastic steady pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, PE-RT floor heating pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe copper joint, brass joint water separator, copper ball valve, gas copper ball valve, plumbing copper joint, clamping Large-scale enterprises such as copper joints, with an annual output of more than 2,000 tons.

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Brand Power

R&D strength

After nearly 15 years of development, Xinkeli and Chun'an have established a team with rich experience, high quality and strong independent innovation ability. Winning the market with integrity, casting quality and quality is the purpose of New Koli. Technological innovation has created brand strength. Xinkeli and Chun'an continue to innovate and develop with the world's scientific research strength, introducing the latest technology and advanced production equipment. The products are strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 international quality management system standards and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system standards. Production, all indicators are tested by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and the China Preventive Medicine Environmental Monitoring Center. Some of the company's products are mainly exported to the European Union, North America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries. They are well received by domestic and foreign customers and have established a good brand image.

Quality Assurance

  • Raw Material

    Picking up from the source, multi-level check

  • Testing Equipment

    Advanced equipment, intelligent detection

  • Detection

    Scientific assurance, strict testing

High quality raw materials + strict inspection
Start from the source and build the first quality defense line

Quality is always satisfied, and New Cory has adopted high-quality LG Cherm imported raw materials from the source. After the raw materials enter the factory, they pass through multiple process inspections to ensure the quality of the raw materials and ensure the quality of the products from the source.

Intelligent equipment + precision inspection
Automated testing, using technology to ensure quality

The detection precision is high, and New Cory has its own testing equipment to test its products from time to time to ensure product quality. The most important equipments are raw material inspection equipment, impact performance inspection equipment, tensile and toroidal testing equipment and pressure testing equipment.

Scientific security system
High standards and strict requirements, build a third quality defense line

The company has laboratories, equipped with high-end testing equipment at home and abroad, has a number of full-time testing engineers, and constantly introduces international testing equipment. New Cory focuses on “precision testing, automatic testing, rapid testing” and high standards to ensure product quality.

Brand Honors

Supporting the brand with quality and marketing with the brand

NEW KELI follows the enterprise service tenet of “innovation, pragmatism, high efficiency and pursuit of excellence”, providing perfect product quality assurance and after-sales service for customers, and striving to create a market service system of quality first, honesty and win-win, and has been coming for more than ten years. Integrity and win-win market service system, for this company has won a series of honors and the trust of our customers.

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